Thursday, 31 May 2012

Nature Force Dates

The Himalayan Balsam Season is upon us!

As you may be aware, we have a large amount of Himalayan Balsam control scheduled into the Nature Force Programme this Spring and Summer.

We will be targeting Whitacre Heath SSSI nature reserve on the Tame Valley.

We are aware that balsam control can sometimes be a little monotonous, but we want you to know how vital it is for nature conservation:

The work at Whitacre Heath SSSI is essential in preventing the spread of this invasive non-native species onto further areas of the reserve and onto surrounding land. Work in recent years has helped to reduce its hold in some areas, which has enabled other wildflowers to flourish. The 350 hours of work that Nature Force undertook at the reserve last year meant that we could prove that we are doing ‘our bit’ to control balsam – without this, the Trust would have been docked a significant percentage of funding that we receive for reserve management. Thank you for your tremendous efforts last year, which ensured that we met our management requirements and retained this essential funding.

Nature Force Dates for Whitacre Heath if you wish to help out:

31st May 2012 - Path Clearance
07th June 2012 - Path Clearance
12th June 2012 - Balsam
14th June 2012 - Path Clearance and Balsam
26th June 2012 - Path Clearance and Balsam

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