Thursday, 22 May 2008

21st May 2008

Once again I took advantage of some time off from work and went up to Whitacre. It's a funny time of year really not much happening as birds are sitting on the nest and the dragonflies & damselflies aren't really out yet so it was quiet - apart from the hum of the mozzies !

Somewhere between the River pool hide and the Scrape Hide there was a cuckoo calling but I didn't see it and the Greater spotted was calling as well.

First stop was the River pool hide - The Coots now have 5 chicks and were defending them against all comers including Grey Herons and Mallards. The one highlight for me was a pair of Bullfinches seemed to be nesting close by as the kept appearing carrying small twigs and lining material.

The only other bit of colour was provided by the Kingfisher.

The only other sightings were:-

Scrape Hide
2 coots, 2 Mallards and a pair of mating Gadwall.

Flashes Hide
Oystercatcher flying towards Coton Lakes
Kestrel (a single one and then two others chasing one another)

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